1933 Ultimate Zippo Front.JPG
1933 Ultimate Zippo back.JPG



The case introduced in 1933 is a "tall" square cornered case, 1/4" taller than the outside hinge cases introduced in 1934.  Paired horizontal and vertical lines are engraved on the sides and a red version of the Scotty dog metallique has been added as decoration.  The case is two-sided, with the reverse having the identical lines and Scotty dog metallique as the front.The flame is made of bakelite, an early plastic, and it may be one of the first flame added as decoration to a Zippo lighter. By attaching the base and the bakelite flame to the tall pocket model Zippo, it was transformed into a table model.

1933 Scotty Dog Ultimate Zippo 9
1933 Ultimate Zippo hinge.JPG



The insert is taller 1/4" than later models, has 16 chimney holes, a hollow rivet and a horizontally cut wheel. The cam is rounded. The outside hinge is original; has not been repaired

1933 Scotty Dog Ultimate Zippo 10



The bakelite flame has been attached to the lid using flint screws. The bottom is covered with green felt. 

1933 Ultimate Zippo base

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